How are we responding to Coronavirus

We are well prepared for disruption caused by the virus and have a tested business continuity plan. Our response will be ‘business as usual’ as much as possible and we have taken steps to prioritise the safety of residents and staff along with core business functions.

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Our aim is to minimise disruption to our everyday activity and services. Where there is disruption, we would ask for your understanding and patience.

Are the offices still open?

The Customer Care Team are working from the office, all other members are staff are mobile working.  We would like you to continue to use myhomeonline and the website, which hold lots of useful information which is available to you 24/7.

You should also continue to contact us via myhomeonline or email us at instead of telephone us, this will help us to answer your query quicker or refer your enquiry to a member of the Team who can assist you.

We have introduced new functionalities on myhomeonline for residents, including paying your rent without the need for your swipe card.

Should I sign-up to myhomeonline, the resident portal?

If you have not already done so, we would ask that you now sign-up to use myhomeonline. The portal offers a range of self-service options and will help to minimise calls during what we expect to be a busy and pressurised time.

It is quick and easy to sign up, you can register using the following link:  If you need help, email us at and we can register for you.

Will the Association’s staff and contractors still attend appointments?

We will be carrying out appointments if alternative options in place of physical meetings are not possible.  Staff will talk to you about this and the measure they will be taking to ensure everyone is safe.

Our contractors are attending appointments as normal. We will want to ensure we maintain our social distance at all times and therefore please continue to stay 2 metres apart from staff and contractors.

Up to date details can be found in our repairs section.

Has the contact number changed?

No.  The contact number is the same.  To help us deal with any influx of calls, residents can use myhomeonline, contact us online or email us.

Can I still report repairs in the usual way?

Yes.  Up to date details can be found in our repairs section.

Do I need to tell the Association if I or anyone in my household have symptoms; have COVID-19; or are self isolating?

If you display any symptoms like those of the virus you should seek immediate medical advice and follow guidance available from public authorities. Current advice can be found on the NHS website.

You should inform the Association so we are aware, you can email your name, address, and period you are self isolating for.

If you have an appointment with the Association’s staff or contractors, you should let us know so we can rearrange this for a later date, when it would be safe to attend. If the appointment is to resolve an emergency, staff will talk through options with you based on the circumstances.

I am calling on behalf of a relative, friend or neighbour who is a resident. Will the Association be able to talk with me?

Data protection restrictions can make it difficult for us to talk about residents without consent. The best approach would be to call with the resident present, so they can verify that you have their consent. We will always try and be as helpful to callers as we can.

What should I do if I am struggling to pay my rent?

We recognise that one impact of the virus might be on the ability to work or access financial support. If you are having any problems paying your rent please contact your Housing Officer who can offer further advice based on your circumstances. Up to date advice can be found on our 'worried about your rent' section

How will the Association keep me updated with any changes to its response?

We will be posting future updates on our website and FaceBook pages and through other social media so please check this regularly.

Online links to useful information

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