If I’m having to self isolate or my income has reduced and I can’t pay my rent will my home be at risk?

We will not be evicting anyone who falls into rent arrears because their income has been affected by the Coronavirus. It is important that if you are having difficulty paying your rent, or are worried about meeting future payments, you let us know as soon as possible. You can view and manage your rent account at myhomeonline or contact us if you need any advice.

What will happen with my rent account if I’m struggling to make full payments?

While we will still collect rent as we normally do, we understand that this is a worrying time for many people and that some people may have suffered from a loss of income. We know that some of you may be worried about paying your rent as well as other bills. We recognise that we need to be flexible in response to unexpected events and where appropriate we will agree temporary adjustments to rent payments based on individual circumstances.

What financial assistance can I get to help pay my rent?

If someone has to self isolate because they or someone in their household has coronavirus or their employment has been affected and are not getting paid then they may be able to get help by claiming Universal Credit.  Please note that depending on your circumstances it may not always be the best option to claim Universal Credit and we would urge you to get advice before making a claim. Further information and advice on claiming Universal Credit for those affected by coronavirus can be found at www.understandinguniversalcredit.gov.uk.

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