Rural housing enabling

We're working with a number of local authorities, parish councils, local communities, and partner registered providers to assess housing need and work towards local housing solutions in several areas across the Midlands.

This involves awareness raising events for councillors and communities, housing needs survey work, community engagement, site finding, and homes being built for local people:

  • Current housing needs surveys
  • Future housing needs surveys
  • Neighbourhood Development Plan support
  • Recent housing needs survey reports (basic results and progress with parish council/local authority)
  • Site finding efforts
  • Potential developments (schemes progressing towards delivery)
  • Future homes (schemes on site or nearing completion)
  • Training events

Please contact us if you would like to see a copy of any of these reports.

We are currently working as the strategic rural housing partner in many local authority areas across the Midlands and beyond.  This work helps to provide a true picture of local rural housing need which assists with planning and negotiation and, ultimately, allows the right homes to get built in the right places.