Private developers and landowners

In rural areas, between the 2001 and 2011 censuses, there was a 3.6% fall in the number of people aged 30-44, compared with a 1.7% fall in urban areas

Office for National Statistics
2011 Census Analysis
Comparing Rural and Urban
Areas of England and Wales 2013


As a developer or landowner you can depend on us to help you create housing that people are proud to call home.

We are the leading rural housing development organisation for the Midlands. Our expertise and relationships with parish councils, local authorities, developers, contractors, architects, and housing providers have helped create thriving rural communities since 1997.

To be successful, rural housing requires the input of local knowledge so Midlands Rural Housing works with developers and landowners by offering consultancy, access to partnerships, and housing services.

Our consultancy service is a portfolio of practical tasks starting with housing needs surveys to establish requirements and provide evidence for a development to be considered. We produce tailored good practice guides for rural schemes and step-by-step process documents to share with your stakeholders. If something is still missing, we conduct research, training, and stakeholder awareness raising for anyone involved in development.

Talk to us about putting in place vital lines of communication with stakeholders through our partnerships programme. We will facilitate liaison with local authorities, communities, and others to help build your local knowledge of housing needs.

Beyond construction, Midlands Rural Housing takes care of the upkeep of your property with our housing management and maintenance services to ensure housing stays in good condition for years to come.