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Our consultancy service is available to any organisation that needs to tap in to our deep knowledge of rural housing.

We regularly advise Government ministers and councillors on the issues facing rural housing today. But closer to home, our partners - housing associations, private developers, landowners, and local authorities - benefit greatly from our research, support, specialist advice, and management.

Regardless of who we work with, the aim remains the same: to create sustainable, affordable housing that rural communities welcome.

We achieve this goal by providing our partners with the following practical consultancy services:

  • housing needs surveys to establish the level of housing need and provide evidence for a rural development to be considered
  • good practice guides on how best to deliver rural housing schemes, aimed at councillors, communities, and parish councils
  • rural housing protocols
  • step-by-step process documents: use our know-how to enhance a bid to become a local authority or housing management partner
  • training courses and awareness raising events: we create and run bespoke courses and events aimed at anyone involved in or who wants to become involved in rural housing, e.g. MPs, councillors, parish councils, planners, community groups