Local authorities and parish councils

The average salary in the Midlands is below the national average at £25,500, but the income required for an average mortgage is £44,000, pricing many people out of home ownership.

Home Truths 2016/17
National Housing Federation


No-one is more knowledgeable about the needs of residents and regional data than local authorities, who have trusted Midlands Rural Housing to create access to better housing since 1997.

The insight they offer is vital to identifying housing needs and creating excellent affordable homes. Our success is testament to the strong relationships we have forged, particularly with parish councils, who enable us to engage with rural communities themselves.

We offer them the following:

  • At the development stage we handle site identification, conduct housing needs surveys, and present the facts to allow stakeholders to make informed decisions. We can also help secure funding, lead the planning application process, and deliver community consultation in partnership with local authorities.
  • Midlands Rural Housing offers housing maintenance and housing management services.
  • Through our consultancy arm, we advise and train local authorities from the planning and development stage onwards. Talk to us about tailored good practice guides, individual village schemes, rural housing protocols, and step-by-step process documents. Tap into our extensive knowledge of rural housing to enhance a bid to become a local authority or housing management partner.
  • We connect local authorities, including parish councils, to relevant organisations in the public, private and third sectors to form robust partnerships early on - a solid foundation upon which to create great housing.