Local Councillors tour new scheme

Local councillors were treated to a sneak preview of Warwickshire Rural Housing Association (WRHA)’s latest development of affordable homes in Great Alne to mark Rural Housing Week 2019.

John Gordon, Development and Enabling Officer at Stratford-on-Avon District Council; Lynn Bowring, Chair of Great Alne Parish Council; Sarah Brooke-Taylor from Warwickshire Rural Community Council; Claire Linfoot McLean, Managing Director at local developer, Linfoot Country Homes; and Patrick Taylor from Orbit, joined Derrick Dyas, Chairman of WRHA, in a tour of the Salter’s Oak development, which is due to be completed this month.

With funding from Stratford-on-Avon District Council, seven homes for affordable rent have been developed, with a mix of house types to meet local need.

Salter’s Oak is a truly local scheme, developed by Linfoot Country Homes who are based in Great Alne themselves.  All the properties have been carefully designed to be in keeping with their rural surroundings, with open landscaped spaces and a wetland area on the scheme, plus many indigenous trees and shrubs.

WRHA Chairman, Derrick Dyas, said: “Rural Housing Week offered the perfect opportunity to give our partners a tour of our new development in Great Alne before it’s completely finished.

“The new affordable homes will make a big difference to local people who are being forced out of the village due to rising house prices.”

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